In Germany several institutions (universities, private research laboratories, companies, associations etc.) develop numerous projects aiming the optimization of waste management technologies, measures und concepts. An increased networking will take part to a smarter utilization of the knowledge in hand, of new insights and as a pulse generator for innovations. Research strategies can be improved massively by the usage of synergies. 

CReED finds itself not as a competitor to existing research institutions, but wants to provide and support them in their work and offer the centers research conditions to interested institutions from all over the world.

Focus of the research activities that are to establish is set to the applied sciences and should enable large-scale tests that can not be realized in the laboratories of universities and companies.

The possible research solutions are customized to the conditions in the respective export target regions. Those research projects can be run by single institutions or as a cooperation of more partners. CReED doesn’t take account to the generated results and operates as a research service provider.